Watch Movies Online in District Heights For Free

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When you want to relax and have a fun night in, nothing beats cozying up at home to watch a great film. Thankfully, residents of Walker Mill can stream thousands of movies online in District Heights for free. That’s because the Prince George’s County Memorial Library is now offering their entire film catalogue through Kanopy. Once you enter your library card information, you will be able to browse tons of entertaining movies at no cost. Read on to learn about three excellent films you can stream from our apartments in District Heights, MD:

Almost Famous 

Almost Famous is a classic. Set in the 1970s, this film tells the story of young William Miller, a music fanatic who scores the job of his dreams with a big magazine. His first task is to write about the band Stillwater, a newly formed group with aspirations of making it big. However, as he travels with Stillwater on tour, he begins to reconsider his own goals and outlook on life. This Academy Award-nominated drama will not disappoint.

Two Days in April 

If you are a sports lover, Two Days in April is a must-watch. This documentary follows four football players with big dreams, as they prepare for the most important day of their lives, the 2006 NFL draft. As the documentary unfolds, you will follow both the physical and mental challenges that these men face, as they approach a potentially life-changing moment. 


When you are in the mood for an emotional watch, check out Breathe. This film follows Robin Cavendish, a young man who, after battling polio, dedicates his life to helping others. His path highlights the importance of relationships and perseverance in the face of hardship. This romantic drama is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

After you watch all of these great movies online in District Heights for free, order a warm bowl of chili from one of our favorite local restaurants. To learn more about Walker Mill, please contact us. We would love to take you on a virtual tour of our apartments for rent in District Heights, MD.

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