Pet Grooming Services in District Heights, MD

A man grooming a small white dog on a table.

When it comes to our four-legged friends, we want to make sure they have the best food, toys, and style. Talented stylists at Pooch Styles Pet Grooming guarantee your furry friends are always looking their best. Located less than three miles fromĀ our apartments in District Heights, MD, you’ll never want to take your pets anywhere else.

Services include:


Grooming increases your pet’s quality of life and ensures they are comfortable at all times. Initial grooming services include a facial scrub as well as the usual shampoo and conditioning. Pooch Styles will comb and brush your pet’s hair for ten minutes. Specialized services are available, such as hand scissoring for creative designs, nail painting, and feather extensions to show your pet’s individuality. 

Skin Therapy

Many people assume pet scratching means fleas, but the truth is, our pets have skin problems just as much as we do. Keeping their skin healthy is an essential step in pet care. With every grooming, the stylists fully examine your pet’s skin and use the proper tools and lotions to care for your furry friend.

Skincare options include:

  • Caviar Supplemental Spa
  • Black Passion Argon Spa
  • Mineral Red Spa
  • Ozone Therapy

Treatments are in addition to grooming services and a consultation is necessary to give your babies the best care available.

Pooch Styles Pet Grooming is just one of the pet-friendly services near Walker Mill. If you would like more information about our pet-friendly apartments in District Heights, MD, contact us. We’ll schedule a tour today!   

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