Check Out These Escape Rooms Near District Heights

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Did you know that escape rooms have become popular across the country? 

These themed spaces feature a series of puzzles and clues that challenge teams as they work together to complete the mission. 

If this sounds like fun to you, visit one of these escape rooms near our apartments in District Heights, MD, where you’re sure to experience an evening to remember:

Escape Artist DC

Escape Artist DC opened in 2015, making it one of the oldest escape rooms in the area. Each room features a compelling story, and solving puzzles has never been more thrilling. The games are designed in-house, and teams have just sixty minutes to escape.

Try Gallery Heist. A painting has been stolen from a gallery despite the daytime guards. You and your team have been hired to find the masterpiece and catch the thief. Can you complete the mission before time runs out?

Escape the Room

At Escape the Room, the rooms are filled with secrets and mystery. It was the first premium escape experience in the United States and is known for raising the stakes. The games are exclusive and are equal parts tense, challenging, and thrilling.

Don’t miss Jurassic Escape. You and your team are responsible for saving DC from a prehistoric threat. To do so, you must avoid detection and stop the cloning of dinosaurs before it’s too late. This room is fairly challenging and is up to eight players.

PaniqIQ Room

Founded in Hungary, PaniqIQ features a European escape room model that fully immerses players in the game. It now calls ten U.S. cities home and has welcomed celebrities such as Seth Rogen, Gerard Butler, and Lucy Hale.

Step back in time in Primal Quest. It’s 6,000 B.C., and you’re being held captive in a cave by a group of caveman. They’re out hunting for the next hour. Can you escape before they return?

If you would like to become a resident of our apartments for rent in District Heights, MD, please contact us. We’ll gladly show you firsthand all that our vibrant community has to offer. 

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