The Best Spots For Mac and Cheese in District Heights

Bowl of baked mac and cheese with cheese sprinkled on table | mac and cheese in District Heights

If you’re craving delicious comfort food, we’ve got you covered. Residents of Walker Mill can chow down on the best mac and cheese in District Heights. That’s because three of our favorite restaurants are only minutes away. Read on to explore some of the best spots for mac and cheese near our apartments in District Heights, MD:

Garcia’s Carry Out Fish Chicken and More

Serving up plate after plate of tasty food, Garcia’s knows how to whip up excellent mac and cheese. Slathered in their amazing cheese sauce, the mac and cheese is both creamy and delicious. You can pair your pasta with their award-winning collard greens, or try a hearty protein, like chicken or fish. Best of all, this spot is only three minutes from Walker Mill.

The Uncaged Chefs

The dynamic menu at The Uncaged Chefs is constantly evolving to include their newest creations. One thing remains consistent though: the food is absolutely delicious, especially the mac and cheese. When you visit, be sure to also try some of their more unique dishes, like “strawberry shortcake chicken & waffles.” Like Garcia’s, The Uncaged Chef is just a short drive from Walker Mill, and they offer convenient curbside pickup.

Hip Hop Fish and Chicken

Hip Hop Fish and Chicken is a Maryland chain that knows how to hit it out of the park with its food. Indeed, customers rave about the mac and cheese. Plus, it’s not only delicious but also extremely affordable. Only two minutes from Walker Mill, this is definitely the best option for mac and cheese on a budget.

Now that you know about all of our favorite restaurants for mac and cheese in District Heights, it’s time to try them for yourself. If you’re in the mood for something with a bit of spice, check out these local chili spots. For more information on Walker Mill, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour of our pet-friendly apartments in District Heights, MD, so you can see all we have to offer.

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