African Drumming & Dancing in District Heights

A traditional African drum from a nearby repair shop in District Heights, MD.

Along with the great amenities at Walker Mill Apartments, these pet-friendly apartments in District Heights, MD are located less than three miles from Baile’s African Drum Works. Using workshops, lectures, and demonstrations, musicians and performers provide the community with a well-rounded education on traditional African culture.


Both adults and children are always welcome at Baile’s African Drum Works exhibits and lectures. Their goal is to build unity in all groups of people and aid in the development of the mind and spirit. With educational programs in African dancing, drum making, and folklore, educators encourage their students to join in performances. Contact the shop for booking information.


Carefully choreographed with traditional folklore, Baile’s African Drum Works offers performances that “create a real sense of being back home in Africa.” Colorful costumes combine with historic rhythm and dances to create a modern stage of the African experience. Check their calendar of upcoming events to witness one of their moving performances!

Merchandise & Repair Services

Along with educational programs, Baile’s African Drum Works carries many types of African Drums in-store and online. Baile’s African Drum Works can also repair or restore damaged drums and build any other African drums if you can provide background information on the product.

The neighborhood offers great cultural entertainment and opportunities near our apartments in District Heights, MD. Feel free to contact us for more information about Walker Mill Apartments.

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